Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fake Christian Caring

I've had it with fake Christian sentiment. I'm tired of people greeting me and then greeting me another day like they've never seen me before. I'm tired of people seeming interested in who you are...but then they can't remember your name the next time you see them. I'm tired of being invited to activities, especially work ones, were you meet a whole bunch of people for an activity, but then you might as well have never met anyone at all.

I'm tired of acquaintances who act all friendly, but then couldn't give a crap about you. I'm tired of people who only come to you when they have a need, but otherwise are all about their own life. I'm tired of relationships where you always get the short end of the stick.

I'm tired of being part of this crowd that is dead to the idea of community and authentic friendship. I'm tired of the completely irrelevant conversations about the weather, the world's most recent tragedy, or how busy you all are with whatever.

I'm tired of people not interested in their elder's experience, or those that think the only way learning happens is to experience something (usually something wrong). I'm tired of people making excuses for their own willful and habitual wrong. I'm tired of people who act concerned when you are in need, but they really don't want to help you out, instead they just want to know about it.

I'm tired of finding all this crap most of the time in the church. Tell you what...if you really don't give a shit and want to know who I am...don't greet anyone and certainly don't feign interest in people. Number of us aren't going to stand for that anymore.

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