Monday, July 16, 2007

Quick note about Buffalo, NY

On Thursday I flew to Buffalo, NY for work. Got to Buffalo in the evening.

Rental car was a new Ford Mustang, which has more blind-spots than a cardboard box, practically. The inside of the car looked like the inside of those toy truck you let your toddlers noodle around the driveway in. The windows roll down just slightly when you open the doors, and back up when you close the doors. That has to be an icy/winter-weather nightmare. Powerful gas-sucker built like Fisher-Price put it together.

I didn't really do anything outside of work other than hang out in the pool at the hotel a little bit. But I didn't really have much time outside of work. The weather there was pretty cool overall.

It was nice to get back to Springfield though. My friend Josh picked me up and drove me home as well. The heat and humidity was actually a welcome thing. It was great to see my girls too.

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