Monday, July 16, 2007

Ecumenism and the Pope's Recent Comments

Recently Pope Benedict made a few comments concerning the protestant church, mainly that they are not 'real' churches, because they do not buy that Peter was the first 'Pope' (though Peter himself denied that he was to be followed in the Bible, and pointed people to Christ, and Peter is never mentioned in any early Christian Church writing as having any such position in Rome) or that Peter is the foundation of the Christian Church (as Christ is mentioned as the only foundation of the church...the Peter himself).

This brings up an interesting question concerning ecumenical movements that are prominent in the emergent and 'emerging' churches. Essentially the Catholic Church has denounced the validity of anything that is not Catholic, and those who follow those non-Catholic churches. In my opinion it should have been the other way around a long time ago...the Christian Church should have ousted the it is time to recognize that the Catholic Church is not Christian, regardless of their using Christ's name.

If they were Christian, then they wouldn't pray through a dead woman as the liaison to God (Mary as the Mediatrix). Or pray to or through other dead persons, like the Saints. They wouldn't resort to rituals to earn their hope of salvation through the organization of the Catholic Church, which holds people's salvation over them like a carrot that they actually hold. There are a thousand other doctrines they hold that could be spoken of here that have nothing to do with the Christian Scriptures, but all to do with traditions they have made up through the years.

So, not to merely pick on the organization of the Catholic Church, but there are hundreds of other 'protestant' churches that make up their own rules and beliefs outside of the Christian Scriptures as well, or who believe in a Jesus of their own design.

In the midst of all this, in the midst of not even being able to agree about the identity of God...why a push for unity among people in the church? What is the basis for that unity? If it isn't Christ, as described to us in the basis for Christian practice...which is the Christian Scriptures (the Bible)...then it would seem that they are just pushing for unity for the sake of the cheap unity that disagreement about Christ himself gives. And what is the point of that?

My take is the take that the apostles had. You can't make up your own version of Christ and be a Christian. There is no unity in Christ outside Him being God and the only foundation of the Christian Church.

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