Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wow, was I wrong.

Recently I've had a number of conversations go sour on me...people taking friendships for granted, people taking the 'friendship-of-convenience' route (i.e...since I don't live in Rochester now...the friendship isn't important to them), and some discussions that have become unreasonable even in the face of evidence (generally people making science their religion, even when their position has been proven incorrect in science).

That all wore me out emotionally, in all honesty...and took a lot of joy out of my relationships, discussions, and study.

How dare real life get in the way of my agendas? How dare a messed up world act messed up? How dare a people in sin behave badly?

What an idiot I have been for expecting things in the world to go my way or even a sensible way. The sermon at church this morning reminded me about the nature of things. Wisdom leads to suffering, as does leadership. This is something apparently that I've forgotten when I decided that I wanted things to go my way and be non-stressful.

I apologize to the true friends who stick by me.