Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why a 'Windows machine' is obsolete

Microsoft's latest OS has made it very clear how they feel about the user experience: lets release a high-priced, begrudgingly slow, and insanely large version of the same thing that has already been on Windows for years....except now lets put tons of lipstick and rouge on it (i.e. copying MacOS X and KDE like crazy, but Tammy Fae make-up job the whole thing), and then force all people to get it with a new computer purchase. So, essentially you bought your new Intel Core 2 Duo system with 3D graphics and 2 GB of RAM running Vista, but it runs slower than your Pentium M with 1/2 the hardware running Windows XP.

Many people are asking the question if they really want to deal with a Windows OS as a whole, or if they really are looking for just a few applications that only run on Windows? Along come technologies like Parallels Coherence on the Mac that don't require you to deal much with Windows if you don't prefer to:

Microsoft's anti-virtualization stance: forget DRM, think Apple
(Ken Fisher, ars technica, June 24, 2007)

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