Thursday, May 10, 2007

Windows Vista Woes

My previous Toshiba notebook had a nice hardware issue that caused it to repeatedly reboot during post. Best Buy made good on their warranty and replaced it with a newer HP dv6338 notebook...which was my only choice with a comparable video chipset. Well, the new computer came with Windows Vista Premium, which has the nicer Aero desktop.

However it is pretty awful otherwise. It is sluggish and doesn't run anything very quickly. First off just the installation of basic applications was sluggish and many didn't work my PDF printing software. Next, my software for my keyboard wouldn't find the keyboard itself, nor would it generate any sounds for it at all.

Lastly...I want the Windows machine for entertainment, since I play Guild Wars, and World of Warcraft. And here was the kicker...on my older notebook (Pentium M) with an ATI x200 running Windows XP I got about 14-16 frames per second. On this newer notebook with more RAM and better processor...but running Vista...I got 4-7 frames per second.

Luckily I did have another Windows XP Home license, so I finally installed that. I'm back up to about 20 frames per second for Guild Wars and up at 25 frames per second with World of Warcraft, both at max. resolution for the screen (1280x800). Oh...and XP runs my keyboard's software just fine. The point being practical proof (as if many needed it) that Windows Vista is a lumbering and clumsy hulk.

Apple just released another nice set of commercials addressing Vista. Pretty clever and spot on:

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