Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Been sick

Well, I've not been so sick for a number of months. Thursday I caught a nasty cold or paraflu that a couple co-workers had earlier in the week. I had a fever, hitting 103.5 F at one point, for two days. I slept Friday almost the day solid. Saturday evening my fever broke and my headaches started to subside.

But the virus had settled in my forearms, wrists, hands, shoulders, back, abs, calves, and thighs. At first I figured that it was just that achy feeling you get from being sick, and that I was just stiff from being in bed for a couple days.

Sunday morning I felt great, as far as headaches and such from being sick. But my muscles were weak and stiff. I figured I'd just stretch out, take a couple acetaminophen tablets, and then go to church (I was supposed to run sound). I hobbled around and ran the soundboard...felt pretty decent, though sitting and standing was awful...and a guy prayed for me and such.

But past that it became very apparent that my muscles were weak and that it was painful to do even simple things like climb stairs or open a door. I quickly noticed another problem too: my hands and fingers didn't have any dexterity to them. So, that means that I haven't been able to play guitar, and even typing on the computer is difficult. I have to two and four finger hunt-and-peck, rather than type normally.

Anyway...those wondering where I've been to...pretty much nowhere.

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  1. Dude, that sounds like a horrible feeling to not have much strength. I hope you're doing alright. Do your symptoms match those from others who had it? Pretty nasty. I can see why you haven't written much on your blog now.