Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Exodus

This was the moving week for the Marshall family. The movers came in and did a great job packing all our remaining stuff at the Rochester house, as well as loading it up in a semi to be shipped to Nixa. We accidentally met the new owner of our house in Rochester...apparently we weren't informed that they were going to do a walk-through. But it was a good meeting! The couple buying the house actually lived in an apartment down just 2 blocks away, and our house was a great place to start a family. They seemed like good people, which is a comfort to us.

We packed up the remaining luggage, cleaning supplies, plants, and the cats in the van...said some sad goodbyes to friends, and started off.

My wife figured our cat, Rajah, would travel better on my lap. So I got him out of the case...and the first thing he did is pee all over me. So, Heather pulls into a bank parking lot and I look, desperately, for ANYTHING to change into. I found my swimming trunks. So while we were driving, and the traffic was sparse, I did a quick change. Not a good way to start our travel.

But we made it to my parents home in Kansas City, MO without issue. The cats are happy locked in their garage...and we are enjoying a wonderful, sunny, 24 degree Celsius day with my parents.

Tonight...on to Springfield!


  1. Swim trunks, eh? Niiiiice....

    And... Did you lose any blood getting Smokey out of the ceiling again? Poor kitties.

  2. Those are EXCELLENT moving stories. LOL. Glad to hear that sort of thing happens to other people as well.......