Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kevin Tillman: hearing on his brother's death from fraternicide

I should be posting about my recent move, but that will have to wait. I just watched this video of Kevin Tillman's opening statements before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about his brother Pat, who was killed by friendly fire, and then it was covered up and the government ignored it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's the Final Countdown

Do do do do....dodo do do do...

It is just a short workday before we do our walkthrough of the house in Nixa prior to closing tomorrow morning. I'm so ready to be in my own home. I've appreciated the hospitality of my sister-in-law. But with my wife, my 2 girls, 2 cats, a small dog, a bird, and a fishbowl all in a small 10x10 extra room ( kids were in the TV room and we kicked the cats out too)...anyway...I'm not getting any sleep because there isn't much room to move.

The cats are just now getting used to being in this temporary location. I'm sure they will freak out again when we move them to the new house.

On that note...I'll have to take some pictures and share them as we move in. :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Countdown to Closing

We're in Springfield now. I had a very unrestful night last night when we arrived. We had the cats with genius idea...lets up their sandbox, food and bed in the utility room...where my wife's sister (and us) won't have to worry about them. Our little, agile cat, Smokey, climbed up into the exposed ceiling downstairs and was wondering around their drop-panel ceiling.

This all came to be rather bad after I had already been calling to him, quietly...since it was like 1:30am. Smokey breaks one of the ceiling panels but manages to stay up in the ceiling.

I wake my wife who is very unhappy at my apparent lack of resourcefulness. She gets a step stool and a favorite toy of the cat's. When he lets his guard down...I grab him. Thus they are now left to wander the house...but at least the ceiling is safer.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Exodus

This was the moving week for the Marshall family. The movers came in and did a great job packing all our remaining stuff at the Rochester house, as well as loading it up in a semi to be shipped to Nixa. We accidentally met the new owner of our house in Rochester...apparently we weren't informed that they were going to do a walk-through. But it was a good meeting! The couple buying the house actually lived in an apartment down just 2 blocks away, and our house was a great place to start a family. They seemed like good people, which is a comfort to us.

We packed up the remaining luggage, cleaning supplies, plants, and the cats in the van...said some sad goodbyes to friends, and started off.

My wife figured our cat, Rajah, would travel better on my lap. So I got him out of the case...and the first thing he did is pee all over me. So, Heather pulls into a bank parking lot and I look, desperately, for ANYTHING to change into. I found my swimming trunks. So while we were driving, and the traffic was sparse, I did a quick change. Not a good way to start our travel.

But we made it to my parents home in Kansas City, MO without issue. The cats are happy locked in their garage...and we are enjoying a wonderful, sunny, 24 degree Celsius day with my parents.

Tonight...on to Springfield!