Sunday, March 18, 2007

Birthday Posting

It is my birthday today and I feel that I should post something.

I just wanted to thank all my Celt brothers and sisters (Trevor, Abby, Mary, and Darin) that I had a very wonderful St. Patrick's Day wife and daughters who sang happy-birthday to me over the sister-in-law and nephew who baked me a nice German-chocolate friend Chris, who came to visit...Josh and Jason who both phoned me...and my parents who left me a clever e-card. It was a nice and quiet birthday.

I actually played bass for the worship team at church this morning. Many of the people that attend there were away for many of the musicians are also away. It was a nice blast from the past to play bass. I haven't done that for years.

Well...happy belated St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

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