Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tomb of Jesus

This is like The Da Vinci Code, part deux. A friend of mine pointed out this new discovery of Jesus' Tomb under an apartment building in Jerusalem. The director of the excavation, Simcha Jacobovici, has teamed up with film director James Cameron to do a documentary about the discovery and the barrage of scientific tests they have done. I've got my brother-in-law's TiVo set to record the documentary. Here is the announcement on Discovery's website:

Jesus Family Tomb Believed Found

Jacobovici is stressing that he is not a theologian and cannot comment on the 'religious' implications of the discovery. He says that he is just presenting the facts as seen by him. In some ways I'm glad that is what he is saying...since he is right in saying so. He is not a Biblical historian or a theologian, and this is demonstrated by relying on documents like the Gospel of Philip, which since it was written between 80 and 230 years AFTER the evangelist Philip actually was alive (or 140 to 290 after Jesus' crucifixion)...it is dubious to believe that the Gospel of Philip is anything more than a fictional story penned as if it were from an eye witness of Jesus. This kind of thing is what discredits Dan Brown's claims in "The Da Vinci Code."

It should also be noted that there are also 'tombs of Jesus' in France, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, another site in Jerusalem, and other sites. All of them also claim to be the true sites of Jesus' burial...after he survived crucifixion and fled his sealed tomb.

This is just the latest hype relying on already discredited histories in attempts to call into question the claims of Christianity. It is nothing new, and there is no reason to avoid the questions.

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