Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Criticism of Gore's Energy Usage Needs Fact Checking

Facts are apparently too pesky for those who are quick to criticize Former Vice President Al Gore, author of the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". The Tennessee Center for Policy Research criticized Al Gore for his estate using 20-times the energy as the national average, and basically said that if he is going to promote energy-use responsibility...that he needs to do so as well.

That would be all fine and dandy if the details actually supported that claim. Yes indeed, Al Gore's energy use is 20-times the national average, costing him over $16,300 last year...but it is for an estate with over 20 rooms, additional offices for himself and his wife, a guest house, and special security measures. Additionally he is using what his energy provider calls the "Green Power Switch", which offers power from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. Also, he has chosen that source even though it costs him MORE per kilowatt hour than non-renewable energy.

In comparison...Vice President Dick Cheney's energy bill for the Vice President's residence was $186,000 (33-room home)...AND he was trying to get the Navy to pay for 2/3 of that bill. For those counting...that is over 11-times the cost of Al Gore's energy use...and over 228-times the national average. I'd wager that Mr. Cheney is not buying energy from renewable sources either.

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