Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Find out who your friends are

Move you residence to a different city and you quickly find out three things:

1. Those who couldn't give a shit.
2. Those who give a shit, but couldn't possibly inconvenience themselves to give moral or labor support when you are in need.
3. Those who recognize what the situation is and help or support you. (thank you to those who acted like friends!)

I'm not talking about anything trying to get people to do work for you when nothing was offered, or in any way that takes advantage of them. Perhaps that is the downfall of "Minnesota Nice" or "Wisconsin whatever"...that it is the offer that counts...not the follow-through.

Just talking about specific offers for help, or those who already responded to a call for help, or just friendships whom you'd like to spend time with in the few chances you have left before it gets really difficult to travel and hang out.

But...can things be that reasonable? Definitely not, apparently. I've had people who offered their help postpone the help they offered, so I postponed doing the work until I had the help I need, and later they just flat out cancel because it is too cold. Hello! It's friggin' January in Minnesota...think for the minute.

I'm only here for 6 days...and people are wasting my days, projects are getting pushed back...which means that we can't list our home for sale. And even with hanging out in the evening when there are no projects that can be done without waking the'friends' can't even barely spare an hour in a week's time.

I am a fool, as clearly I've been played.

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