Monday, December 04, 2006

Late night

It's is a late night...2:30am right now. But I had a huge nap today, so I'm only slightly tired. Doing laundry, updating e-mail, updating information on my site changes. All that boring stuff. It will be nice to save the money that I would have spent on internet hosting though, even if I didn't pay a lot to begin with.

It is just a few days before Josh and I are taking a short holiday to visit Springfield, MO where my sister-in-law also lives. Should be a nice vacation...and quick to get to. They recently got a little snow...and I'm actually hoping that it will have melted off by then. Perhaps we'll be able to see a bit of the Ozark lakes and mountains too.

Well, perhaps I should go to try to sleep. I'll leave you with this...a rather humorous look at sushi and Japanese culture:

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