Saturday, December 23, 2006

iPod Vending Machine

This year my side of the family had their celebration in the Twin Cities where my sister and her husband live. We all went to the Holidazzle Parade downtown. They actually run that Wednesday through Sunday, from November 24th to December 23rd. It is amazing how many people come out to see the parade.

So, afterward Heather and the girls decided to see the Mary Poppins display at Macy's. I tried to just hang out at a coffee shop for a couple hours, but everything closed up. So, I stood at the escalators going down on the 2nd floor for about an hour or so.

Right there Macy's has an iPod vending machine, which is the first that I've ever seen. And the first that many people had ever seen, apparently. Over 1/2 of the people that walked by it stopped to check it out. I don't think that Apple could get better promotion than that.

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