Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holidays with the Family / Greg Boyd

Holiday with the family was really wonderful this weekend. This year we just had the children exchange gifts, and otherwise we just had some wonderful soup and meals together, as well as played games. It was a great time, and really freed us up not having to worry about gifts and allowed us to enjoy our time together more. Of course my mother did put together a small picnic basket of homemade jelly, tea, meat, and cheese. :-) Yum! It was a really wonderful celebration with my side of the family.

Today after we left my sister's home, we drove over to St. Paul to Woodland Hills Church to catch the last 20 minutes of their Christmas service. The service was Greg Boyd and the worship team explaining what many of the traditional Christmas songs mean, where they came from, and what verses of the Bible they found their origin. Though we missed most of the service...those last 20 minutes were really powerful. After the service I got an opportunity to shake Greg Boyd's hand and tell him how much I appreciated his writing and sermons.

Now that we're moving to Springfield, MO it isn't very likely that we'll get the pleasure of visiting his church. But I'm glad that they Podcast their messages.

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